Naming and identity project is launched

Anglia Ruskin University approached Honest to develop a brand name and positioning line for their new marketing initiative: an umbrella brand for three educational programmes operating in Peterborough.

The partnership unites three local providers who are passionate about improving business in the region. The key messages to be conveyed by the brand name were: ‘local’ and ‘education’ as the partnership aimed to encourage businesses to invest in training staff, and staff to invest in improving their business.


‘Think Peterborough’, the brand name Honest developed for the partnership can be read in two ways, each of which emphasizes one of the key messages for the partnership. In the sense of ‘think of Peterborough’ the name is a call to action, which reinforces the programmes, all aim to invest in and improve business in the region. While in the sense of  ‘get Peterborough thinking’ the name indicates the focus on education in the region.


The positioning line ‘Education for Business’ succinctly explains the purpose of the programmes as well as making it clear that they are designed for businesses. The brand identity is clean and modern, with a versatile logo which can be displayed horizontally or vertically depending in the format required.