New website for worldwide consumer goods experts.

Honest were approached by IGD, a charitable organisation at the heart of the food and grocery industry, to design their website. IGD provide training, research and resources on everything from retail to the supply chain and shopper insight with a view to helping individuals and businesses in the industry develop.

IGD wanted a fresh, compelling website which would portray them as thought leaders in the grocery industry. They also wanted to add a personal touch, giving a face to the experts behind the resources and the insight the organisation provides. The site structure was based on a ‘flexible grid’, which allows IGD to alter the layout to highlight content that is currently highly relevant. This created a dynamic, news-driven website which readers can easily engage with.


In order to show the human side of IGD and make them more approachable, Honest included byline images of the authors, as well as author profiles which provide background information on each author. To add the finishing touch to this more personal feel, Honest included handwritten ‘labels’ to highlight key information on the website. In order to make IGD’s website more user friendly, Honest created a resource library to help users search the archive for relevant content more easily, as well as colour coding the different areas of expertise and creating a set of icons for different content types to allow users to effortlessly find what they are looking for.