New website launched for Future Business Centre

The Future Business Centre, Cambridge’s first permanent, purpose-built building to accommodate and support social and environmental start-ups, has approached Honest to design and build a website to promote the new development.


The website design needed to reflect the exciting and innovative nature of the Future Business project whilst also being seen as approachable and giving a sense of the community the development is aiming to create. The website needed to appeal primarily to early-stage social and environmental businesses, but also to encourage larger, established firms to invest in the project, or to relocate to the Future Business Centre and offer their services to tenants, as a way of meeting their corporate social responsibility goals.


The biggest challenge with the Future Business project was creating a buzz about a development in the very early stages of construction. In response to this Honest produced a series of highly-realistic, computer-generated images which showed the Future Business Centre as it would look once completed. These images were also used to illustrate a range of marketing materials for the centre including banner stands, brochures and e-shots.

To further bring the development to life Honest created an interactive ‘Explore’ section which provides users with a three dimensional floor plan of the Future Business Centre from which they can access details of the workspace the Future Business Centre is offering. As offices become occupied the plan changes colour, helping to build excitement around the development as it nears completion.