International mobile payment brand select Honest

The first marketing communications roll out for Bango, a global player in the mobile payment arena, with Google, Facebook and Blackberry amongst their clients.

With engaging copy and contemporary, young and distinctive illustrations, the design of the ‘Global Player’ brochure welcomes new recruits to Bango in a tone of voice befitting the brand.


Honest were tasked with creating a brochure which made new recruits feel excited and valued. The brochure required a visual appeal that reflected the excitement and global reach of the company and its clients. The ‘Global Player’ concept, with its basketball theme, was developed to unite employees in the Cambridge and New York offices with one tone of voice, and celebrate Bango’s well recognised international clientele.


A straight talking, informal tone of voice was developed with copywriter Matt Hilbert which described some of the key values and benefits of working with Bango , and gave a solid overview of the company and its outlook.

Honest also worked closely with illustrator Jason Roberts to create a portfolio of imagery that conveyed the overarching concept creatively and succinctly. Each page required a visual change of pace to hold the readers attention and prompt them to read more.