• Unresponsive website on mobile device

    Top 5 reasons to have a responsive website

    Without an optimised site, you could be losing customers and missing out on significant amounts of mobile traffic. Having a ‘responsive’ site means that your website will automatically scale up or down to your customer’s screen size, giving them a seamless and enjoyable experience. So, what are the top 5 benefits of a responsive site?

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  • Web Developer Job Opportunity

    We’re Hiring! Web Developer Wanted

    Honest is a digital, brand and advertising agency with a fantastic office located in the center of Cambridge. With a hard work ethic and a fun and exciting client base we are now looking for a Front End Developer with full stack knowledge (desirable). We are a small team that work in an open space and we love to bounce ideas around, so enjoying working with other creative folk is…

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  • Digital-design-fashion-victim
    Design Digital

    Our honest view on the latest digital trends

    As far as fashion trends go I am not the first person to jump at the chance to wear the hottest trends; neon animal prints, high waisted trousers or those odd Orthopaedic-styled women’s shoes no thank you! When buying clothes, I choose pieces that flatter me and will stand the test of time. I take the same approach with digital trends. Certain new developments make sense and you can clearly…

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  • Agency

    Tour de France comes to Cambridge

    Cambridge is gearing up for the Tour de France, which will pass through its streets on Monday, 7th July. Cycling is not just a popular mode of transport in the flat medieval city but a way of life. As such, the people of Cambridge are getting set to celebrate and promote the Tour in some creative (and some downright wacky) ways. Here’s our round up of what to look out for.

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  • Design

    What’s in store for 2014 – Marketing & Design Trends

    With the start of 2014, marketers are always trying to predict which new trends and technologies will arise. With digital marketing continuing to out rule traditional methods it is likely that marketing trends in 2014 will even emulate those used in 2013. Growing trends means that brands have to compete for consumers’ attention, which will grow to be increasingly challenging in 2014. Recent trends consisting of augmented reality and mobile…

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  • Advertising

    The Role of Emotion in Advertising

    We are exposed to between 2,000 and 3,000 advertisements a day – facing a daily overload of information that is impossible to take in. Advertisers must fight hard to capture consumer attention and can only do so by creating a strong emotional bond with its audiences. According to ‘www.mcngmarketing.com’ emotion in advertising grips people whether it’s excitement, humour or sadness.

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