'Responsive website' a perfect fit for fashion label

Fashion designer Ping He understands the struggle many women face in finding clothes which consistently provide a perfect fit and bring out the best in the wearer. Luckily Ping He has used the expertise and experience she gained while working with Alexander McQueen to solve this problem for her customers; with her own label, PINGHE, she pledged to provide them with an “irresistible fitting experience”. Ping He’s creations have certainly proved irresistible to many; she counts Madonna and Uma Thurman amongst her fans and the label is rapidly gaining momentum in the UK.

It is ‘fitting’ then, that PINGHE approached Honest to design a fully responsive ecommerce website to showcase its newest collection to be unveiled at London Fashion week this autumn. Responsive, or adaptive, web design is the next chapter in the story of web design and aims to provide the same “irresistible fitting experience” which PINGHE brings its wearers: users viewing websites on anything from tiny smartphone screens to vast desktop screens will get a web experience uniquely tailored to the size of their screen.

Rather than designing with a fixed screen width in mind, responsive web design accepts and embraces the fact that users want to view and use sites on their mobiles and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops with a range of screen sizes. By creating a website which fluidly responds to the size of the screen or browser window, automatically resizing and reordering the elements to guarentee the best user experience, Honest is working to bring out the best in the PINGHE website by providing the perfect fit. To see for yourself how this works, try resizing your browser window now, or visit our website on your mobile. has called 2013 ‘the year of responsive web design’ and with tablet sales expected to exceed 100 million this year and with smartphones dominating the Western market and on the rise in emerging markets in the Far East, companies are coming to realise they can no longer afford to ignore customers trying to access their sites on smaller screens. We are receiving an increasing number of request from clients keen to take steps to future-proof their websites through responsive design, creating websites that provide optimum user experience across all screen sizes.

The watchword for PINGHE’s designs is ‘elegant resistance’ and Honest’s responsive website design will tie in perfectly, not only providing an elegant, seamless user experience but also allowing PINGHE to stand out from the crowd of high-fashion labels who have yet to take the leap into responsive web design.