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Aberdeen-Angus is recognised as one of the finest Beef Breeds in the world. The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society invited Honest to create a sector leading website which would position them as the No1 Breed Society in the UK, convert non Aberdeen-Angus beef farmers and elevate the brand. The new web design needed to be news driven and to have the capacity for information to be shared and commented on, making it a crucial resource for their audience. (moreā€¦)



Online advertising

A key business objective of the Society was to convert Beef farmers from other breeds and educate potential new breeders to the benefits of breeding Aberdeen-Angus. Honest developed an online advertising banner which focused on the commercial benefits of the Angus breed and not simply the high quality of the beef.


Brand identity

Aberdeen Angus logo

Certification mark

Aberdeen Angus Certification Mark

Annual Review 2013

Aberdeen AngusAberdeen AngusAberdeen AngusAberdeen Angus


Brand photography (by Steve Bond)



As a long-standing and highly reputable institution, the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society wanted an agency that could grasp the core values of the Society, whilst understanding the need to remain current. We chose Honest because of their dedication and commitment to gaining a true understanding of the brand. This has shone through in the quality of work that they have produced for us. Thanks to the fresh look they gave us, and the highly effective website they created, we have experienced a dramatic rise in web traffic and continue to receive positive feedback from our regular partners. Honest have helped the Society secure its leading position in the agricultural sector.

We have received great peace of mind with Honest, trusting in the consistently high calibre work they produce throughout the year, from a range of printed materials to the website. We continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with Honest, and look forward to their continuing input and innovation.

Chrissie Lawrence - Brand Promotion Manager

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