Unopened beer bottles of different colours showing condensation.

‘Beer inspired’ with these creative beer label designs

To celebrate the 44th annual Cambridge Beer Festival starting today, we take a look at some of the most inventive and original beer label designs in recent years.

As self-confessed beer lovers, and obviously modest design experts, we can’t help but appreciate the great brand work being produced in the brewing industry.

Three Vocation Brewery Pilsner white cans with coloured stripes, with condensation.

First in the list, and with its pop of colour in the arguably black and brown dominated colour palette of beer labelling, this distinctive and bold design by Vocation Brewery certainly caught our eye. The vibrant and punchy approach in this design strategy really helps to encapsulate Vocation Brewery’s confidence in their freshly flavoured lager. The illustrative Vocation logo takes centre stage and is complemented with the wonderful splash of colour.

Two angles of a black, yellow and grey bottle of A Wee Angry Scotch Ale, with condensation.

Next in our list is the simple, yet effective, beer bottle design for A Wee Angry Scotch Ale. There isn’t really anything to shout about here in terms of intricate design work, but sometimes less is more. The strong contrast between black and yellow and the powerful product name, this beer label undoubtedly connects and grabs the attention of different audiences. A Wee Angry Scotch Ale, we feel obliged to try it!

Four bottles of different flavours of Brewdog beer in different colours.

Brewdog updated their branding in 2015, going back to basics with their timeless print-press designs. The bold black lettering, on the backdrop of bold coloured lettering, speaks authenticity and originality. The bottle tops match the label colour, adding a little bit of edge, with a little bit of style.

Four different flavours of Noble Rey Brewing Co. beer with designs covering eight cans.

This half-head, full body illustration, gives Noble Rey brand personality that is hard to miss. The design was cleverly thought out, with a focus on how beers are displayed on the shelves, as opposed to how they look individually. The visual identity helps them break-out from the crowd, and the stand-out characters clearly represent four of their flagship beers; Off the Leash, Baracus, Golden Rey and Steampunk. Which one would you try first?

Five bottles of different flavours of Fierce beer on a wooden bar.

Maybe the quirkiest of the bunch, Fierce Beer is fiercely nutty. The purposefully in-your-face branding uses montages of animals in costumes and the colour coded labels help you know what you’re drinking; blue for pale ale, green for porter, orange for fruit beer and so on. The unusual names of each bottle are also little teasers that give you a hint of what you’re about to consume. We spotted these beers in the beer fridge of our local, the Cambridge Wine Merchants, and we are intrigued to see if the flavours are as impressive as the visuals.

Honest beavertown pale ale artwork.

Last but not least, one of our personal favourites, and it is not just because it has our name on it - Beavertown’s partnership with Honest Burgers. The unmissable and unique artwork on all Beavertown beer cans are striking in their designs and identity. The complexity of each illustration really makes you want to pick up the can and study the talented artist's work. 

We cannot vouch if Vocation Brewery, A Wee Angry Scotch Ale, Noble Rey and Fierce beers taste as good as they look, but if we spot them at the Cambridge Beer Festival, we’ll be sure to give them a try for you!

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