Dear, Honest - thank you for my work experience

1 year ago, somehow, I was lucky enough to be picked to intern at one of the best digital marketing agencies in Cambridge, and for one whole year! 

1 year (and outstayed by 3 months) later, I couldn’t be happier to write a blog that marks the end of an era and a huge milestone in my career development. 

But let’s start where it all began - my first day at Honest. 

Cycling to work. It soon became one of my favourite parts of my day. I was spoilt by the location, directly past King’s College and down Bridge Street towards the river. Cambridge always seemed so busy when I visited during the day, perhaps because I always strayed towards the shops (well just Zara), but pre 9:00am I had never seen the cobbled back streets so quiet. 

I couldn’t have had a more welcoming team. It was a challenge in the beginning, taking what I had learnt from university and applying it to actual client projects, but I was up for the challenge. I learned quickly that I wanted to get involved with as much as possible, everyone supported me and helped me. It didn’t take long to settle in. 

On my first day, I found out what I’d be working on. I’d hoped to work on social media and advertising, I was told I’d be managing this and more. From video commercials to print, content creation and digital marketing, I was brought in to work on a variety of clients. Everything was fast-paced and there was always an opportunity to learn something new. I learned more on my placement year than I could have ever learned at University. 

The day went by so quickly, and so did every other day that followed. We were all busy, although that never stopped us having a bit of fun in the office. We’d take part in Radio 2 Popmaster, have a Fitzbillies breakfast (mines a bacon roll, Nick!) and enjoy a drink together at the end of the day. 

Well I did it; over a years experience in industry and an additional Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate aided by my work at Honest. The experience has been invaluable and I’ll be returning to my final year at University of Hertfordshire with some great memories. 

Thank you all for a great year.


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