Our predicted top marketing trends for 2018

Our predicted top marketing trends for 2018

While fortune-telling is often a fruitless task, at the start of a new year it’s inevitable that we all start predicting what will be happening over the next 12 months. For those of us whose daily lives revolve around marketing and advertising, with planning spend and strategy for the year nearing completion, having an understanding about what the key trends might be in 2018 is crucial.

We’ve dusted off the crystal ball, reviewed the research and evaluated the facts – identifying these potential top trends for marketing in 2018.

Marketing attitudes and tactics

Let’s face it, the world in general looks to be pretty uncertain as we start 2018. With the impact of major upcoming changes such as Brexit yet to be fully understood, we think it’s likely that a degree of caution before committing to spending will be evident across all industries including in marketing. While we don’t think businesses will choose to do less marketing, what is likely to happen is that decisions about what to invest in will be more firmly driven by insight and facts and less by estimations and opinions.

With greater access to data across most platforms, it’s easier than ever to make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Marketers can carefully evaluate what works and what doesn’t before choosing how to proceed. What’s more, data analysis is getting ever more sophisticated, with marketeers able to predict how a particular tactic is likely to play out before it’s done. This predictive analysis is likely to be the security that many businesses need before investing in marketing activity this year.

Artificial Intelligence

Having been spoken about for a long time, could this be the year that artificial intelligence becomes more of a marketing tool than ever before? Well, combined with the data-driven marketing and machine learning, it appears the next few months could be huge for AI. Already many online retailers have begun to use live chat bots to liaise with their customers automatically and we would expect to see this being utilised more and more, particularly as the tools that businesses can use become ever more sophisticated. One drawback to a full-scale move into AI is likely to be the cost, so this may be a trend which only bigger companies are able to fully immerse themselves in.

Social media

While every business now has social media channels, and understands the importance of doing so, 2018 is set to be the year when every business needs to really think about what they are doing with those channels. Having a strategy for social media will be more important than ever, allowing you to plan how to fully utilise each platform. In addition, this is going to be the year when businesses need to not only plan how to use their social media correctly but also need to invest more time in doing so. Now pictures, gifs, videos and live streams are all crucial in the bid for engagement on these sites – a simple two-sentence post just won’t cut through the clutter.

Renewed focus on content marketing

In the same way as businesses will need to step up their social media game, they’ll also need to be reassessing and putting more effort into their content marketing. Simple blog posts will become a thing of the past, with content marketing incorporating video as well as getting integration between content and the other promotion activity such as that on social media.

Looking at these trends, what’s clear is that to succeed in marketing throughout 2018 businesses need to up their game and dedicate time and effort to ensuring they are putting out content that is driven by insight and adds value for their customers. We know that most businesses – whether large or small – generally don’t have that time to invest, which is where the support of an experienced agency can add a fresh perspective to your approach to marketing. To find out how Honest can help you in 2018 utilising all the top marketing trends, contact us today.

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