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Unlocking the full potential of email marketing

We all experience the bombardment of emails on a daily basis, whether it’s an offer for those shoes you browsed at online or a Groupon discount for a weekend break, a ‘Sign-A-Petition’ email or What’s Happening in Your Area update - we all receive unwanted emails. 

The key to email marketing for marketers is to set yourself apart from the constant flow of junk mail - which is the tricky part! 

Firstly, you should understand your consumer and learn what they are interested in. There needs to be a purpose for your email and this develops from strategic planning. For example, in B2B there is a need for professional email marketing, but companies often fail to deliver a valued email through lack of channel-specific knowledge.

Don’t be afraid to clean up your database. If a customer hasn’t opened an email from you in the last 3 years, the likelihood is that your service or product offering is not relevant for them anymore. Either remove them or find a different way to engage with them. 

Begin your planning by learning about the receiver and their company/interests. Study what they are up to, what they are in need of and what they could benefit from. An irrelevant and generic email won’t bring in conversations, it needs to be targeted and informative. 

Next, create an email that stands-out and grabs the attention of the reader. Emails that work best are 20% graphics, and 80% text. The content should be relevant and deliver messages according to what you learnt about the consumers needs earlier on. 

The email needs to be designed so that it is responsive for mobiles and tablets. According to the Statcounter (2016), mobile web usage has overtaken desktops, showing that consumers are now more likely to access your site via their smartphone or tablet. This means your email must be readable without your recipients having to zoom in and out. 

Make the subject line short and snappy. Keep it to less than 6 words, as keeping it to fewer words makes it easier for the reader the digest quickly. It will also make your email seem more credible.

  1. People respond best to Arial font size 10. Their eyes get tired trying to interpret fancy fonts. 

  2. Always use a professional, friendly tone, no matter what business you are in.

Analyse your reports and measure what works. Email is the most controllable and measurable marketing strand with the highest return on investment for a reason. Take the opportunity to test where possible using a sample of your database and send out the most successful version.

Here’s to unlocking your email potential!

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