Google ads

Google Ads can deliver a steady stream of highly targeted visitors to your website. Correctly set up and managed those users can be tracked from end to end, allowing you to understand not only how they interact with your content but importantly how they convert to sale or enquiry.

A Google Ads strategy, correctly planned and implemented could include brand awareness, search advertising, display advertising on third party sites and re-targeting campaigns that will track a user around the internet.

This marketing channel can provide you with instant results, immediate traffic that can generate enquiries and sales. This is particularly useful if you are launching a new website that may take months to gain organic traction. Similarly, Google Ads is very useful to test landing page design, messaging, and target keywords.

As a dynamic digital marketing agency, Cambridgeshire is our playground for providing clients with first class Google Ads services. Previously known as Pay per Click (PPC) this strategy enables you to reach your target audience just when they are ready to make a decision.

Like organic SEO, a sound Google Ads strategy starts with understanding what keywords are relevant to you. It is very easy to waste money on Google Ads, but our Honest approach will ensure you get the best possible results for your budget.

The internet is an incredibly busy arena. It is not easy to get seen and even harder to be remembered. What is going to help you stand out?  Fortunately, we are digital experts with a keen eye for great comms and branding that will resonate with your audience across all channels.

We will help develop the right messaging and importantly get you found within the advertising arena for appropriate search terms. Intrigued? Talk to us about a personalised review of your digital advertising strategy.

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