An ever-evolving media landscape means it’s never been more important to stay in control of how your brand is perceived. A solid PR campaign is the best way to generate awareness and secure that all-important positive perception.

For any brand, content marketing is a big driving force behind these factors. Well-crafted, relevant content being produced on a regular basis doesn’t just satisfy one criteria affecting SEO. It engages your audience in the most authentic way by presenting them with useful information and giving them something of value every single time they interact with your brand.

Here at Honest, we make sure our clients enjoy a well-defined PR and content strategy that works in perfect concert to maximise your audience’s exposure to the content that they’ll love the most and which will drive them to help meet your brand’s objectives.

The Honest PR agency, Cambridge

How do we do that? It starts with a bespoke strategy which clearly defines who you’re trying to reach, what they value and how to connect them with the most relevant information or entertainment.

Backed up by our in-depth understanding of the latest SEO practices, we identify the keywords your audience are using to find you and build content around the reality of their online experience to secure huge levels of traffic as quickly as possible.

We make it fun, digestible and, above all, shareable. When your audience connects with a piece of content enough to spread your message on social media, they’re marketing on your behalf. PR from Honest is built around turning passive observers of your brand into passionate, vocal brand advocates.

Whether the best fit for your business is blogging, online PR, social media marketing or any other platform you care to name, we make sure you’re presenting the world with relevant, engaging content.

The result? A brand profile which stays positive and brings value to the right people at the right time.

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