May 2023

We love the new branding for Le Shuttle

This new rebrand wants to make me go to France! Channel Tunnel operator Getlink has launched the largest rebrand of Eurotunnel Le Shuttle since it opened almost 30 years ago. The first change is a revised name, with the service now officially known as LeShuttle. Following that, the brand has worked with consultancy Landor & Fitch to update its logo and a full identity system.

The rebrand was driven by data which flagged the confusion the public have around the Channel Tunnel passenger and car services. Combined with growing competition from other modes of transport, there was a need for LeShuttle to “shift perceptions to engage new audiences” and transform the brand to be seen as relevant and as an alternative low-carbon form of travel.


Landor & Fitch worked with the LeShuttle team for ten months on the redesign which has been informed by consumer insights. With the goal to evoke feelings of freedom and ease when travelling, the team wanted to showcase the simplicity offered by LeShuttle, as well as create something a little more futuristic.

The shortened name was pitched to separate the infrastructure from the service and give the whole brand a more contemporary feel. The updated logomark follows suit and aims to visually represent what sets LeShuttle apart: “speed, efficiency and care”. The rest of the identity hopes to differentiate itself from traditional train services in terms of its fast pace.


The colour palette has also shifted away from its previous nationalistic identity to black and white with splashes of purple. For imagery, the photography opts for a user-generated look to give the sense that everyone’s journey is different and that’s the joy in the travelling experience.

As the Channel Tunnel approaches its 30th anniversary next year, the brand says it is at a defining time in its history. The redesign will be implemented throughout LeShuttle’s brand and is part of a strategy to completely rethink the Channel Tunnel experience over the next decade.


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