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Following on from the success of last year’s report, we decided to use the same digital platform: PWA (Progressive Web App) to roll-out this year’s new theme: Technology and the past 25 years.

Websites & Apps

The brief

Last year we moved a printed Annual Report into a digital format, which was very well received. This year, we took on board any feedback to improve the experience and designed for this year’s annual report.

Our approach

From last year’s thought-provoking theme: ‘Face the Facts’, we created an image of a child made up of binary numbers to symbolise the technology behind the scenes that IWF has developed and uses to look for and remove indecent images of children. The Annual report delivers critical information used in parliament, by tech companies, PhD students, staff, and countries around the world.

The results

As with last year, the new digital report, in its new format has been very well received, information can now be accessed by anyone, anywhere. We’re incredibly proud to be working for such an amazing charity as IWF, the team are all brilliant to work with and do life-changing work day in and day out.

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