Campaign management

The internet as we know it is multi-faceted and fast paced. In the UK alone it is estimated that users spend an average of 6 hours a day using the internet via a variety of devices. Our Honest approach to campaign management starts at the beginning, helping you see the wood for the trees.

Campaign planning includes an evaluation of marketing channels available to you. Simply put, where do your potential customers consume content? If your target audience is present on these channels then you need to be there. Audiences have never been so diverse and sophisticated, fortunately engaging with customers in real time is our area of expertise.

Developing your brand and your messaging is the obvious next step. Our Honest approach to branding has seen us work with a broad range of brands, finding the approach that works best just for them.

Our brand workshops bring together key stakeholders and frontline employees to define and develop the communications strategy. Together we build a shared vision for your business that naturally feeds into a campaign plan for discussion, budgeting, and implementation.

Chosen channels will of course be unique to you. We help you bridge the gap between the product and the audience, communicating the benefits with creativity and flair. Whether you are a huge B2C organisation or an SME B2B brand, our Cambridge based team have the experience to deliver success.

Our approach is not fancy, but it is thorough. We really listen to what you need to deliver, combining customer insight and our talented creative thinking to build an in-depth creative proposition for your campaign.

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