Brand Strategy & Identity

Picture your favourite brand. Apple. Innocent. John Lewis. What makes them so outstanding in their sectors? Their products are great, yes. Their logos, appearance and commitment to their customers are all world-class. But that’s just the beginning of what sets them apart.

What makes Apple more than a hardware manufacturer, what makes Innocent more than just smoothie-makers is the constant, painstaking attention they pay to the strategy of their brands. And yes, you might say, well they’re consumer brands and we’re B2B. Well, we take the philosophy to our B2B clients, because everyone is a consumer!

A truly world-class brand provides a clearly defined experience, a sense of that special something that immediately springs to mind when you think of them. That care, attention and even love runs deeper than mere marketing.

The Honest approach to branding strategy

We’re a branding agency in Cambridge, a vibrant and diverse city with a booming business scene. Thanks to that, we’re used to dealing with a broad range of brands and finding the approach that works just right for them.

Our brand workshops bring together key stakeholders in your business and frontline employees to define and develop the messaging behind what makes you tick, then empower staff to deliver that consistent brand experience.

At Honest, we love taking clients through The Works, our brand workshop, to build a shared vision for the future of their business and put together a clear roadmap for the principles which will bring it to that point. From the everyday actions of employees to decisions made at the highest level, we help you make sure everything lines up.

A great brand strategy gives you a new focus, a clearer idea of who you’re speaking to and who you’re not trying to reach. It identifies areas of your business which need to evolve to keep pace with everything else. Above all, it distils your entire philosophy into a short, powerful mantra that sums you up and explains in the deepest terms what makes you relevant to your customers.

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