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Don’t believe the hype, print is alive and well. When it comes to engaging customers in a tangible, real way, give them something they can hold in their hands, something they can feel and show to their friends. Give them print.

With the rise of augmented reality, a solid print media campaign, backed up by a detailed strategy, gives your audience more opportunities than ever to engage with your brand on the move, touch base regularly and make you a part of their everyday lives.

Here at Honest, we’re a Cambridge graphic design agency with a penchant for bringing a brand’s unique identity to life and capturing it in a multitude of printed applications. From big glossy magazines, prospectuses, brochures and corporate literature to exhibition stands and marketing collateral, we have your print design needs covered.

The Honest graphic design agency, Cambridge

What sets us apart from a straightforward design studio is the attention we pay to making sure each piece of design follows a core thread of communication.

We do more than just put out a tonne of messages simply because it’s in the brief. We craft a story, a distinctive imagery behind your brand, then ensure all your printed material conveys this message in order to cut through the noise in a cluttered marketplace.

We work with you to establish what each communication needs to achieve, and then craft beautiful, bespoke marketing collateral that engages and inspires your target audience in order to grow your brand.

Thanks to the time we spend getting to know your brand’s requirements, we can also help by providing guidance on production opportunities, like getting the right quality and finish to perfectly convey your brand’s message.

Let’s talk today about how you can make print work for your business in the modern world, and how we can help you incorporate it into a long-term, effective branding strategy.

Talk to Honest today about our targeted, data-driven approach to DM and exactly what it can do for your business.

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