Business is social. But when we talk about social media, we’re talking big. We unlock the power for brands to stay at front of mind with targeted, engaging communications backed up by insight-driven strategy.

Today, social media is a must-have for smart businesses. It’s revolutionised the way in which brands talk to consumers, and given consumers themselves a powerful tool to make their voices heard.

The stakes are high. Over 40% of people expect a response to a query on social within 60 minutes. Every interaction is an opportunity to turn someone from a bystander into a powerful, vocal advocate for your brand.

Social media forges an emotional connection between you and your audience. We work with our clients to segment and profile their target audiences, no matter how niche, to deliver bespoke, pinpointed content. This content is tailored to spread your message in a way that’s appropriate to each channel for the right communication at the right time.

We can even create that effective, targeted content for you. As a social media management agency, we create content programmes that are formulated to build trust with a consistent tone of voice.

Social media and the power of Google

Social media is also great for your SEO. We direct customers to specific areas of your site by putting the spotlight on different aspects of your products or services. More traffic, covering more of your site, with a controlled user journey keeps Google happy.

All of this is made possible by our obsession with getting the strategy right. Who are your audiences? What platforms are they using? When are they most receptive?

We take all that on board, and more, to decide how you’re going to reach them and where your efforts are best placed. Best of all, everything stays grounded in a high-level approach to reporting and analytics that keeps you in the know.

Of course, if you want to keep your social media management in-house, we can provide expert training to your team. As for why we’d share our talents and experience of creating engaging content and getting it seen? Well, we’re just nice like that.

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