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Video Production in Cambridge

Video Production

The internet is now a video-first environment, and we’re proud to offer an end-to-end video production service for businesses around the UK and beyond.

Whether you’d benefit most from a 30-second commercial or a sweeping piece documenting your corporate culture over some minutes, we can get the cameras rolling and make it happen.

Our Cambridge video production team takes the very seeds of a great idea and brings it to life, from the creative concept stage all the way through to the shoot and expert post-production.

With the whole world busy devouring video, Google has taken notice. Video content now punches like an SEO heavyweight, contributing the same authority to your site as the written word.

Get animated with your video marketing

We're also dab hands at producing animated video, a fun and entertaining way to get your message across with heaps of personality. It's also low-cost, with no live production or location costs.

Think of campaigns like British Gas' 'no place like home' animations, or Ben and Jerry's ice cream commercials, both of which align the brand with customer experience and tie everything together with charm and warmth. That is the power of animation.

And if you just want to knock-out some simple animated info graphics as part of your marketing strategy or to boost your Linked-In profile, we’re doing these by the truck load right now.

Of course, we know a trick or two when it comes to distributing video and animation once it’s all produced. We give it pride of place on your blog and email marketing, as well as chopping bite-sized edits that are perfect for social media advertising.

Your business demands more than words and static images. Video doesn’t just boost conversion rates for single customers, it gives them something to share and enjoy with others. Make it fun, make it relevant and let people spread your message for you!

We offer video production in Cambridge, London and across the UK. Let’s chat about how the Honest approach to film-making can improve your brand’s engagement with audiences and boost your Google rankings.

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