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The power of advertising to connect with and inspire people around the world is immense, nowadays, digital distribution means anyone is just a click away from contacting you, making the next purchase and buying into your brand.

We all remember our favourite advertising campaigns, those that combined raw emotion with brilliant imagery to leave a lasting impression. Guinness’ “good things come to those who wait,” still elicits goosebumps. Old Spice’s brilliant “the man your man could smell like” is a poignant and hilarious takedown of manhood.

What makes great ads memorable? They understand their product, what makes it different. They understand their audience, what resonates with them.

Finally, they understand how to bridge the gap between the product and the audience, communicating the benefits in a way that’s engaging, creative and totally unique.

The Honest advertising agency, Cambridge

Whether you’re a huge B2C organisation or an SME B2B brand, your advertising needs to do all that. Here at Honest, we make that happen for you.

Our approach isn’t fancy, but it’s thorough. We listen to what you need to deliver, make sure your vision and your objectives are aligned, and then we get to know your product in intimate detail.

By getting under the skin of your product or service, led by consumer insight, we’ll build an in-depth creative proposition for your campaign.

From there, our talented creative thinkers work to turn this proposition into a campaign that will resonate with your audience for years to come.

A lot of clients think we work magic, but really it’s the result of hard work, deep insight and painstaking hours spent teasing out the very essence of what makes people fall in love with your product.

Get in touch and find out how Honest can help you express your brand’s unique vision in ways you never even thought existed, and touch the lives of people you never even knew were there.

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