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Your brand lives online, so you need to keep your house looking great. With web design and development from Honest, you’re securing the most effective, comprehensive solution that meets your company’s needs and, more important still, the needs of your audience.

We’re a web design and development agency in Cambridge, which means we’re right at the heart of the UK’s tech and business scenes, just a short train hop from London. Not only does that mean we’re easy to find, it also means we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments in best practice when it comes to crafting great online experiences.

We keep ease of use in mind at all times, putting your users first by employing streamlined, content-managed systems and complex back-end solutions.

The result? Powerful web design and development with functionality that’s not just advanced, but always accessible to those who need it. We then take it all one step further with full social app implementation to keep your online community buzzing

The best web agency in Cambridge, just being Honest

The Honest approach to building world-class websites means always knowing the right tools for the job. We’re fluent in the use of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. We can also get the job done using comprehensive, or even custom frameworks like Yii, Laravel and Bootstrap.

Of course, everything on your shiny new site will be backed up by our deep understanding of SEO and meticulous attention to analytics.

From the information architecture to the type of content we populate each page with, we make sure that each project keeps Google satisfied and keeps you ranking for your target audience. We also fine-tune our approach with rapid prototyping techniques, backed up by the latest data.

From there, we can either create ongoing content to keep your site fresh or hand it over to your in-house team. We can even provide in-depth training on the CMS, Google analytics or any task required for the smooth functioning of your digital presence.

Has this whet your appetite? Thinking about what to put on your great new website? Take a look at our social media, responsive design, creative thinking and brand identity offerings and get the full, Honest, digital service.

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